Guardian angel

At FUNDEI, our goal is to support and improve the
quality of life of people with cognitive disabilities,
mental health disorders and vulnerable victims of the
armed conflict and their families.
The proceeds will be used to strengthen support
programs for our population, especially in the town of

¿Why is it important to be a Guardian Angel?

More people are becoming aware of the needs of different groups in society, and are motivated to be part of the change by contributing a grain of sand to find balance assertively and sustainably.

Being part of the Guardian Angel Plan not only changes the life of one of our beneficiaries, but also yours, because there is nothing more satisfying than being part of another persons happiness. !Dare to live it!

We have periodic reports to guarantee the use of
resources and thus seek to positively impact our

With your support we seek to mitigate the needs of our population, in order to help the growth and strengthening of our families.

For us it is important to have your support to make the dreams of our beneficiaries come true and give peace of mind to their families.

For Income Tax purposes, the Tax Statute establishes as a benefit a tax discount according to the value donated, which must be charged in the declaration of the taxable year in which the donation is made.

¿How do we guarantee the use of your donation?

We will deliver a report periodically, where you can show the progress in the realization of the dreams that you are helping our beneficiaries fulfill, leaving an indelible mark on the community.

¿What are our Plans?



This plan has an annual investment of $260 AU


This plan has a semi-annual investment of $130 AU


This plan has a monthly investment of $26 AU

Donation channels

Bank Transfer: Caja Social Bank Savings account:  No. 24084560467
Nit: 901.026.162-6

On behalf of: Integral Development and
Entrepreneurship Foundation – FUNDEI


NEQUI: 3158186005


DAVIPLATA: 3158186005

¿Do you have questions about how to donate?

Contact us:
 Email:
 Telephone: +57 3158186005

¿Do you want to make donations in kind?

Remember that our focus is based on strengthening our pillars


We toast tools to create financial independenc


Professional accompaniment in the educational, clinical, Organizational and Social fields.


Accompaniment in various learning processes for our community.


Sport helps physical and mental development, improving interpersonal relationships, increasing trust among our beneficiaries.


Participation in the creation of plastic or musical works, dance or theater presentations

Social support

We create spaces to listen and propose options, for the development of plans for the community

¿Do you want to know more about us? write us

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